When do I renew my dues?

Payments are due Sept. 1

AANA membership is from September 1 through August  31. The full amount is due September 1 annually with a 60-day grace period. AANA does not prorate dues.

To view your current renewal type, you can:

  • Go to your membership dashboard (login required)
  • Find My membership (left side, below) to see your Member Type, Dues Renewal Type, and the Dues Paid Through Date. You will be eligible for renewal the next September from that date
  • Manage your dues with a payment or print a dues statement for disbursement

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Annual Auto-Renewal

Within the renewal form, you can select to have your credit card drafted annually on or around September 1. You will be notified 1 week prior to the draft. This saves you time and saves AANA on printing and postage.

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Quarterly Installment Auto-Renewal

When you select this option within the renewal form, you are spreading your annual payment into 4 equal payments. You are responsible for all 4 payments, even if you would like to cancel.

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